Why  Diversity Training?
Dr. Keith L Anderson
Everyday in America the public educational system becomes more and more culturally diverse. Workplaces in America have also become culturally diverse. Therefore, it stands to reason there are different cultures trying to communicate with each other in our schools and businesses. If parents, students, teachers and administrators cannot culturally communicate effectively in our schools, the drop-out rate will continue to grow. If employees and employers cannot culturally communicate effectively in the workplace profit margins go down and the number of lawsuits go up. Not everyone who teaches students, or manages employees feels comfortable with their knowledge of cultural diversity. However, given the correct tool, most people are willing to learn how to communicate effectively, with people from culturally different backgrounds.

Creating Meaningful Communication

Anderson Diversity / Communication’s slogan is “creating meaningful communication”. Our primary goal is to teach effective and meaningful interpersonal communication (one-on-one) and intercultural (between cultures) communication. In the corporate world effective and meaningful communication can lead to more profits. In the field of education, effective and meaningful communication, can lead to a lower drop-out rate and a larger graduation rate, which can result in a higher post-secondary enrollment.

Diversity Training for Educators, Students, Employers and Employees

Anderson Diversity / Communication motivates students from low income and diverse backgrounds,  school administrators, teachers, future teachers, employees, employers on how to communicate more effectively. Contact Anderson Diversity / Communication and allow us to help your company or school district learn to communicate more meaningfully and effectively, to improve the bottom line.