Many people have asked me, “what do you think of Donald Trump?” I’ve shied away from answering them, mainly because, what I think about Donald Trump means absolutely nothing to people who can do anything about Donald Trump. Besides, every so often history produces someone who by all sensibility, should not be where they end up being. In most of those situations the organization, the company, the country or the branch of government and especially the people ends up paying the price. Most of the time the people following such a person are fooled into believing that this person really cares about them. But think about it. Trump has always lived with a silver spoon in his mouth. Not everyone born with a silver spoon, cares less about the everyday person. However, Trump has never taken the silver spoon out of his mouth to feed anyone else. In everything he does, there has always been some kind of profit for him. If not he isn’t interested. Believe me, becoming the President of the United States will put him in position to profit for himself, even more.
America, as free as it is and as free as it claims to want to be; in significant measure has shown her true colors. Before you love it or leave it folks get all upset, I love America enough to want to see her care about EVERYONE! So, my answer to the question about Donald Trump is, America has allowed bad people to rise high in politics on more than one occasion. One example of a bad person elected president is Woodrow Wilson. This passage is from a national bestselling book entitled, Lies My Teachers Told Me by James Loewen. “President Woodrow Wilson’s administration was openly hostile to Black people. Wilson was an outspoken white supremacist who believed that Black people were inferior. During his campaign for presidency, Wilson promised to press for civil rights. But once in office he forgot his promises. Instead, Wilson ordered that white and black workers in federal government jobs be segregated from one another. This was the first time such segregation had existed since Reconstruction! When black federal employees in Southern states protested the order, Wilson had the protesters fired. In November, 1914, a black delegation asked the President to reverse his policies. Wilson was rude and hostile and refused their demands.” The book goes on to say that Wilson displayed little regard for the rights of anyone whose opinions differed from his own. Does that sound familiar? Woodrow Wilson’s wife was worst. She often told “darky” stories in cabinet meetings. The truth about Wilson is mostly hidden. History paints him as a hero. Sadly there are a lot of schools around the country, many of them predominately Black schools, that have been named after Woodrow Wilson. Helen Keller called Woodrow Wilson “the greatest individual disappointment the world has ever known.” However, you’ll never read that in history books.
America has never been without racism. And some of the biggest perpetrators of racism have been high ranking politicians. When these people rise up, racism goes from covert to overt. Another way of putting it would be that the volume of racism is turned up every now and then. We can’t seem to kick the racism habit. Every time there’s positive headway made in the area of race in this country (electing a Black President), something negative stops the progress in its tracks (police brutality and the Trump movement). The one positive aspect these racist outburst reveal is that America still has an underlining stream of hatred buried deep in the souls of people who are unhappy. However their anger is directed by a slick talking huckster, who is able to point them towards other victims and paint those victims as enemies. As a whole, Black people, Brown people, Red people nor Yellow people, don’t have any power to effect any White people’s lives. If people followed the money trail all the way to its end, you’ll find the rich and the powerful changing policies to keep themselves rich and powerful. In this country, most of the really rich and powerful are White. And yes I do know that not all of them are greedy.

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