I really like this page of the website. This is the page where I personally get to recommend books and articles. The goal of this page is to provide new and experienced educators and business people with reading material. The reading material I’m recommending isn’t for those who want to do business as usual. The reading material I recommend will cause the reader to think. It may even make the reader to feel a little uncomfortable. However, once the reader is passes the feeling of being uncomfortable, this reading material will change the reader for the better. Having said this, please do not think I know it all. Please feel free to email me and send me the name of books you feel will positively revolutionize how we all communicate with each other, especially those in the field of education and business.


Dr. Keith L. Anderson

Recommended Books:

Keith L. Anderson

The summer of 1968 meant baseball and baseball meant Washington Playground. For Elijah Andrews Washington Playground was as close to heaven as a group of young, Black baseball loving, boys could get. Across town, a group of White boys, lead by Mark Olsen, also loved baseball. Both group of boy were getting tired of practicing against themselves. They wanted to actually play against another team. On his way to a doctor’s appointment Elijah sees Mark and his friends. Even though they go to the same school, their neighborhoods are as different as night is to day. Elijah and Mark arrange a game and the excitement begins.

This book teaches students about a multicultural society. It is available at Amazon as a Kindle Edition for $1.99

Booker Tee is a different kind of private detective. Black Soul Rises is more than a book about football and murder. It’s a Black man trying to understand his life. It’s a bout a Black man who is trying to deal with negative thoughts. When Carver University’s star football player is murdered, Booker Tee and his heavy fist sidekick Biggie set out to solve the crime.

This book allows the reader to see inside the mind of a Black man trying to figure out his life. It’s meant for adult audiences. It is available at Amazon as a Kindle Edition for $3.03

Andy Andrews – The Noticer

Lisa Delpit – Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom

Paulo Freire – Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Geneva Gay – Culturally Responsive Teaching

Carl D. Glickman – Leadership for Learning

Hondo, C., Gardiner, M. & Sapien, Y. – Lation Dropouts in Rural America: Realities And Possibilities (2008)

Jonathan Kozol – Savage Inequalities, Letters to a Young Teacher, The Shame of a Nation

Julie Landsman & Chance W. Lewis – White Teachers / Diverse Classrooms

Ella Mazel – “And don’t call me a racist!”

Keshavan Nair – A Higher Standard of Leadership

Sonia Nieto and Patty Bode – Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Educatio (2008). 5th Edition.